Audio editing, misc audio work

A lot of clients want audio editing help, and this is something that I can also offer. My audio editing work is applicable to many kinds of projects. Audiobooks, guided meditations, podcasts, audiologos, commercials.

An Audiobook is a fascinating form of story telling. Especially if the audiobook has sound fx and music. I usually prefer to work on such productions, but I have also worked on simpler audio books, with voice only. I usually work with ACX standards, and I test everything before uploading, so my clients wont have any problems with the approval of their project.

Guided meditations are another subject that its close to me. I practice mindfulness using guided meditations, the last 8 years. I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of gifted meditation teachers. From simple guided meditation programs, to advanced ones, like programs that deal with post natal depression, mindfulness for poker players, hypnosis, etc. I am always happy to help by adding original music, binaural beats, nature sfx and of course make them sound as good as possible.

I love doing audiologos and its by far the most work I put on a 3 to 10 seconds audio file. I always aim to express my clients vision, with a clean, hi-quality audiologo that can easily get attention.

I have also worked on many commercials by doing the audio editing, mixing and mastering. Again I aim for a clean mix, with the right loudness levels. I can also edit the stock music you bought for the ad, so it can match the video and also make it lead to your logo musically.

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