Music for Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes and songs for children in general, is a thing that I didn't expect to do in my career. I admired some children song writers from my country, but doing it professionally? Didn't know where to start.

A big, multinational Youtube channel with content for kids, gave me the opportunity to start. I had to write lyrics in my native language and then do the vocal tuning and mixing for the song. It was a great opportunity to start learning about this type of music. HeyKids is still one of my biggest clients. We have done hundreds of songs together and have 160+ million views.

I then felt ready to do the whole production by myself. So I started working with other Youtube channels from all over the world. Doing the music, sfx, vocal tuning, mixing and mastering.

I usually do original, and covers of popular children songs. Of course, I always try to add some new spin to the old classics.

If you are thinking of starting a Youtube channel with children songs, or you are looking for a new composer for your established channel, I can definitely help you with that.

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